Asset Management

Mohawk Asset Management draws on their extensive industry experience to provide comprehensive asset management services, allowing our investor partners to benefit from a worry-free experience, while we carefully manage a portfolio of appreciating investments. These services are expressly coordinated towards realizing value from our properties through carefully balancing opportunities, costs, risks and returns. The services include:

  • Strategic Planning: ensuring property management activities are aligned with investment goals, optimizing tenant mix for superior patient-visitor flow
  • Financial Reporting: determine budgets, review financial reports and management reports, oversee government reporting and returns
  • Valuation Analysis: actively maintain sophisticated valuation models calculating important metrics such as net effective rent, recovery ratios, discounted cash flow analysis, present value calculations and expiry profiles with renewal probabilities
  • Investor Relations: equity yield distributions, communication and regulatory filings
  • Mortgage Financing: reporting, subsequent draws, refinancing options
  • Capital Expenditures: continual evaluation of capital expenditure options with a disciplined view towards cost assessment and physical improvements to improve property value
  • Disposition: constant assessing of market values and comparable pricings to determine optimal time for disposition, maintaining liquidity and preparing the property for a sale to maximize return

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